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At Heros we specialise in providing office carpet cleaning and have a dedicated team assigned to it! It’s important that your offices or commercial building reflect your high standards and having cleaning carpets, plays a large part in that. Quite often, it’s the carpets in your building that a client or member of staff will first see when entering a building and as the saying goes, ‘first impressions count’. Our professional team of carpet cleaners can help you give a good impression by removing stains like coffee, tea and food particles.

We can help to give your commercial carpets an uplift and show them off in their full glory. You spend a lot on commercial carpets so why leave them to get dirtier over the years when we can deep clean them and put a maintenance schedule in place to keep them looking like they did when you first purchased them!

Our carpet cleaning process for commercial clients is designed to cause minimum disruption to your staff and clients. Our methods will clean the carpet in a shorter time and also with less noise, so you can still answer the phones or work on the PC.

Commercial carpets are often left dry within 30mins so you can carry on with your day and we always have health & safety in mind when carrying out the cleaning of your office carpets in Lancashire.

Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaners!

Here at Heros, we can clean commercial carpets for pubs, shops, nursing homes, property developers and schools among others. We can also clean your office carpets. It’s important to have your office carpets cleaned by a professional commercial carpet cleaning company. Your carpets, especially your entrance are vitally important in giving a good impression to current clients and potential new customers!

We specialise in providing a service to suit your environment. By this we mean we will use the best-suited machinery for a particular situation. We recently cleaned the carpets in a large call centre with 11 floors. Each floor had corridors, canteens, entrances, lift areas, offices and a large room for the employees to work. As you can imagine, it was vitally important to clean the carpets as quietly as possible with it being a call centre. We used low moisture rotary buffers in this circumstance, which was almost whisper quiet and allowed the employees to answer phones and go about their day as normal.