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When it comes to upholstery cleaning, Heros are the company to call. With experienced staff that can refresh and revitalise your sofa or armchair, we can offer our services at an affordable cost to our local customers. Covering most of Lancashire, Heros carry specialist upholstery cleaning equipment. These machines will clean your sofa with the optimum temperature to give a deep and safe clean!

All types of upholstery can be cleaned including sofas, suites and settees. On arrival, one of our highly trained technicians will inspect and assess your fabric sofa to make sure it’s safe to be cleaned. If needed a test will be carried out to check for colour run before cleaning and the safety of cleaning upholstery is always at the forefront of our minds!

We have a unique tried and tested method for cleaning upholstery in Lancashire …. It’s a 7-step process that will give a deep clean that no other cleaning company can provide! After a thorough inspection we will firstly vacuum the sofa or chair if needed. Then we will pre-spot the upholstery to attempt to remove any staining before cleaning. Then it’s time to pre-spray with a special formulated upholstery cleaning solution that will break down the soils in the fabric. Then we agitate the solution with a delicate brush, designed to work safely on any type of upholstery fibre. Extraction is the next step where we inject water at the correct pressure and temperature, while at the same time, extracting out the waste water into the tank of our state of the art cleaning machine. Our highly trained cleaners will then dress the sofa or suite to make sure the nap or pile is running the same way. Lastly …. air movers are used if needed, depending on the fabric to enhance and speed up the drying process.

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Fast drying times

We aim to have your upholstery dry in about 4 hours. This can vary, depending on the material and the home conditions like heating and ventilation.

Upholstery takes longer to dry than any other type of floor or furniture cleaning but we are confident that our cleaning process will result in faster drying times compared to the competition!

Great Prices

Heros like to keep prices down! We do not charge for call outs because we give you the price over the phone. By not going out to do surveys or quotations we can pass on the savings to you the customer!